Man has been making and improving machines of wood and fibre for millennia: metal machinery is still in its clumsy infancy. The simplicity of the sailing-craft and the violin is the simplicity of perfection.

Mechanical Engineering is an old field. Its name derives from the Latin machina, which means invention or trick. The first machines such as the wheel and the needle with an eye date back to the stone age, but the term engine, adapted from the Latin ingenium, natural ability, had by the time of the late Roman Empire become associated with invention, and eventually, with a skilled machine – the engine. The sense of magic prevailed in engineering for much of the pre-industrial age.

Today, Mechanical Engineering denotes a broad field that has to do with the generation and transmission of mechanical energy. Since this motive energy is often derived from heat, much of the work of mechanical engineers involves thermal energy. Similarly, since these processes need to be housed and the energy transmitted, mechanical engineering is also concerned with the structures in which such devices are housed, and with how they work and fail – mechanics, which is closely related with the process of deciding how to put these devices together – the act of design. Finally, it is necessary to evolve processes, by which these devices are to be constructed, which leads to the science of manufacturing. In addition to these tasks, the trend towards greater quality has seen a gradual move towards integration with sensors and automation, leading to the modern science of robotics.

No doubt Mechanical Engineering is known as the evergreen branch of engineering.

About Our Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at RRITI embodies the tradition of excellence as a leader in education. The department is dedicated to education and overall excellence. Mechanical Engineering diploma holders capture the leading appointments in core companies such as Turbo Energy Ltd. IOCL, Sundaram Fasteners Ltd, Suzlon, Brakes India Ltd.

Among the rapidly evolving and innovative engineering streams, Mechanical Engineering has its rank on top in the board examinations. Our qualified faculty and advanced labs ensure that our students are well prepared to take on these challenges.

  •  Mechanical engineering, recruit and retain best quality people, important determinant of the quality of education.
  •  Attract the best students, who are academically strong, and who have passion, commitment, leadership potential are come from diverse backgrounds.
  •  Provide a high quality educational experience that stretches students globally-oriented, and develops skills and values to enable them to reach their full potential.